Dice an Onion, 3-4 cloves of garlic, two carrots, a handful of parsley and an entire clump of celery. trim of the bottom of course and any brown tips. But dice up the leaves as small as you can, the heart of the celery and the leaves are where all the flavor is. put that all in a pot with some Olive Oil (Extra Virgin) of course and saute for a few minutes. Add some salt to help draw out the moisture. after the carrots have softened and everything else is basically translucent, add a tablespoon or two or three of Butter, add equal amounts of flour and stir like mad the flour will burn if you let it sit still or have too much heat, but you do want the butter and flour to brown a little. Then add a box of chicken stock. Or a couple of cans, or 3-4 cubes of chicken, or vegetable bullion. or whatever you have on hand. If you added cubes, then you will want to add some water to make the broth. At this point I pull out the immersion blender and have a little party in the pan. You could however pour the contents into a blender or a food processor. when you have a thick non chunky consistency, pour back into the pan (if you poured out), and over med-high heat add a cup of cream or two. this combined with the flour under heat will cause the soup to thicken. I then salt and pepper to taste.

Done Deal.
Oh yeah, I also like to set aside a few diced celery pieces, and a few diced carrots, and add them back into the soup after you have blended it. They will soften up before you serve it, but they add a little more texture. I garnished mine with diced spring onions, and the awesome recipe for bread bowls I got here
I used the recipe for Italian bread bowls. It made six perfect sized and very tasty bread bowls. I actually only cooked four of them and after letting the bowls rise the first time, punching them down and then shaping, I froze two, so it will be interesting to see how they cook after being frozen.

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