Dearly beloved,We are gathered here today to mourn the loss of a blog that never really was. Rub a dub Grub was a good friend who never let me down. However in the past year or two or three or rather right from birth he has been in decline. He has lingered and fought bravely but now the time has finally arrived when there just is no fight left in him. There were times when gallant effort was put forth and new experimental treatments were applied to help revive and cure his struggles. Now however the realization has come that his death is eminent. And so we say farewell and good luck as he slips from this existence into the unknown. Which brings me to a question... Where does a blog go to die? The answer is they are deleted. Ouch! That’s Harsh! DELETED! Well there you go folks it was nice knowing rub a dub grub while he lasted but now he must go where many more blogs have gone before... Wait! I think I heard a pulse? It would appear that he is attempting to rise up from his death bed. He says he is going to reinvent himself yet again. Well I guess only time will tell if this previously tried treatment will work... Any thoughts all three readers might have are appreciated.

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