So I was craving some Mexican food the other day...
Of course down here in the South Mexican food doesn't really exist. There are some Mexican restaurants, however they leave quite a bit to be desired. So if you are from out West where the Mexican food is authentic, and you have been transplanted to where its not, then you just have to make your own. This is quick and easy, and cheap. Plus you can totally grow all this in your garden.

I used canned tomatoes because I don't have any from the garden yet, and when I do get some from the garden they taste so good, I choose other things to put them in.
So cut open a JalapeƱo and remove the seeds,or leave them in if your inclined to make the Salsa hotter. If you really want it hot use a Habanero pepper instead. Grab an onion, some garlic, some cilantro, and put it all into the food processor, or the blender, or use a knife to chop it up all small as you please. Open the tomato cans and drain all the juice. Add them to the processor, cut at least one lime in half preferably two or three and squeeze as much juice form them as you can into the mess, salt and pepper to taste and you have Salsa. What a crappy picture this is, I need to learn how to use the camera or something.
So what to do with all this salsa? Well you could just eat it on chips. Or you could make something else. I like to make guacamole. Cut open 3 or 4 avocados and squish them all up, minus the pits. Add a couple of spoonfuls of the salsa and whalla you have guacamole. Or make some fish tacos... Mmmm. thats what I did. Grilled up some Cod with a little honey and chili powder, added some cheese and salsa and wrapped the whole thing in a corn tortilla. cant forget the lime juice. Does it get any better than that. Well maybe it does, if your sitting on the beach in Mexico eating it!


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