OK.  So I got a little backlash from all three readers of this blog.  "Dont kill off the blog!"  I guess Ill leave it around for all to refrence our recipies etc.  I might just start posting my recipies if I ever feel like I have time to.  In the mean time how about some restaurant reviews?  Bec and I try to go out once a week on a date.  Every other week we usually go out to dinner or a movie or sometimes just to buy groceries or shopping.  Recently we decided we would try out the local restaurants (Non Chain) places.  So of course we had to try the worst first.  It shouldnt be hard to find good tasting food after the first one.  We went to a little know place called "Diamond Dot".  When Bec told me the name of the place I thought she was kidding.  I had never heard of this place.  then she told me where it was.  Diamond Dot is located on the North East corner of Power and San Tan Blvd.  Let me try and paint a picture in your head right now...  Basically its a gas station. There is a big sign above the register with at least 30 menu items on it.  Everything from burgers and fries to fish and chips, with plenty of mexican food in between.  Can you say scary!  So we walked in and it was like walking into the quickie mart on The Simpsons.  There was an indian guy working the register who asked what we wanted in a heavy accent.  We didnt know so we told him it would take a few minutes.  While we read the menu someone else ordered a Navajo Taco.  The guy behind the register told them they did not have those today, then he said hold on a second and went around the corner to the fryer and explained to a mexican lady how to make a Navajo Taco.  I should have know right then and there that I shouldnt eat there.  If an Indian (from India) tells a Mexican how to make native american food, run!  We stuck it out an I ordered a chicken enchilada.  I figured since the cook was mexican that this should be pretty safe.  Bec made the ultimate mistake and ordered shrimp and fries.  We then waited for our food to be nuked, fried, cooked - whatever.  As we waited we watched record breaking alcohol sales being made.  That gas station was hopping!  Then we found a trail of ants that we followed through the store.  Finally we settled into a booth and read all the local ads tacked to the cork board.  It was very entertaining to say the least.  The food was nothing to write home about.  The enchiladas were edible but not good.  The shrimp and fries were...  well I didnt taste them so I cant really say.  I couldnt bring myself to try one.  However based on looks smell, and the looks on Bec's face...  they were nasty!  Basically frozen, thawed, battered, and fried and rubbery.  So if you are ever in the neighborhood and your hungry, I hope you are really hungry!  Stop and buy some gas, or maybe a soda.  You might try a burger.  Ive heard those are actaully good, and its tough to mess up a burger.


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