OK I know you are all saying... "Steak and Potatoes?!" But seriously this one gets messed up all the time. Just ask yourself how many times have you chewed a piece of leather steak forever, or crunched on a burnt piece, or ate a steak with no flavor at all? I'm sure you can think of an instance. If not consider yourself lucky. I married someone who did not like steak before we met. Frankly I don't blame her. Her old man used to fry, (thats right I said fry) up a chuck, (thats right I said chuck) steak in a frying pan in vegetable oil until it was black and then crunch away on it. Can you say NASTY! Also I just have to say this before we get started. If you put ketchup on your steak... Well I don't even want to go there. Now lets grill up some awesome steak!

Who's coming to this party?

Lets discuss the ingredients a little. When buying steak you need to buy something worth eating. If the steak is really cheap then there is probably something wrong with it, or it was never meant to be eaten as a steak. Lots of steak lookin meat was meant to be stew meat or something else. The best steak I ever had cost at least $35. It was worth every penny. Lets just pause and savor the experience again... Mmm... that was good. Next time you are feeling spendy head out to Ruth's Chris It will cost you a pretty penny but oh it is so good. I promise you will never look at a steak the same way again. By the way this is my wife's 2nd favorite restaurant. Where were we? Oh yeah the ingredients...
A good cut of meat. This one is a sirloin. We try to go lean. My favorite is a Rib eye, lots of fat and lots of flavor. If you are going to buy a really expensive steak shouldnt need anythig but salt an pepper to please your palate. However this cut of meat was on the budget side so it needed a little something to help it out. I use Canadian Steak Seasoning This stuff rocks! I buy it at Sams Club. I use it to marinade steak, Pork, and Chicken. I know it says Steak Seasoning but Im telling you it is awesome on the other meats as well. The only thing I change is the Vinegar. For Steak I use Balsamic vinegar. So bust out a zip lock pour in some balsamic, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Water, and Steak seasoning and a good cut of meat and your set. You will want to marinade for at least an hour. I recommend 24 hours.

What better to go with a steak than a baked potato. I like to crust my with salt. rub a tad of butter on your potato and I mean a small tad. the potato should look wet when you are done. Then put it on your foil and cover it with a nice layer of salt. If you use too much butter you will be using the self cleaning option on the oven after dinner. Wrap that spud up and let it bake for 45 minutes at 450 -500 depending on your oven. A fork prick or two will help speed the time up.

Hopefully you have marinated for at least a hour. If so put that steak on the grill. you might want to light it first and let it heat up. You want your grill to be just about as hot as possible. This way you can sear your steak and keep the flavor in. Now it comes without saying here, that you should know thy grill. There are hot spots and not so hot spots... Also how do you like your steak? Are you like my wife and you want it to have nice grill marks on the outside and absolutely NO pink in the center. Or are you like me and you want it to be hot and pink in the center. adjust your cooking time accordingly.

Finally serve it all up. put whatever you want on the potato to make it taste good, and add a veggie to the side. or for the ladies add a nice dinner salad. actually since I'm sure there are no men out there reading this blog... Ladies, if you can pull this meal off for your man, he will sing your praises forever!
One final word. have you ever eaten a steak that was cold before you finished it. Yuck thats no fun. Put your plates in the oven with the potatoes and heat them up to 500 degrees or so and put the steaks on them just make sure you warn whoever is eating that their plate is hot and be aware that the steak will continue to cook while you eat so... a little pinker is good.


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