Ok so this is so easy...
So Yummy...
Super versatile...
and it freezes really well.
What could be better than coming home from church (on a Fast Sunday)
and Dinner is done, and smelling up the whole house.
I made this on Saturday night, along with some Country Whole Wheat bread with Herbs. I have been craving some homemade bread for a while and I always like to try out new bread recipes.

We have to take a pause in the recipe here for a funny story...
First I submit to you a question. Is it thievery to take some fresh herbs growing in front of a vacant house? I say no, but Bec says yes! As I was saying earlier I have been craving homemade bread for a while and I like to make bread that I can use our Wheat from our food storage in. We have tons of wheat in our food storage. I wanted to make some country whole wheat bread with rosemary. Doesn't that sound good and kind fancy too. Perfect for Sunday dinner. I could always go to the store and buy some fresh rosemary, or I can go down the street to a condo where our friends the Joners used to live and they had a huge rosemary bush in their front yard. So I told Bec that I would be back in a few minutes because I was headed to get some rosemary. She told me that I was stealing and that God was going to punish me. I told her I was only going to snip some if the house was still vacant. If somebody was there I would not do it. So just as I headed out the door this massive thunder storm busts the sky wide open. This is the best thunderstorm that I think I have ever seen. The lightning was striking within a mile for sure. I actually was scared and came back inside to ride out the storm. Amazingly the girls slept through it. And we did not lose power. We did however have the overloaded surge protector that all my computer equipment is hooked up to get reset (twice). My computers are all good, except one of my monitors no longer works. I m sure I can fix it though. So I did go cut some rosemary after the storm was over. Obviously nobody lives in that condo yet. The rosemary Bush is so overgrown its practically covering the front walkway. The way I see it I was doing the landlord a favor in trimming it back a little. I didn't take any pictures of the bread, however it turned out fabulously and was the perfect compliment to dip into our beef stew juices. So now back to the Beef Stew!

This is everything I used apart from some salt and pepper.
2 cans of stewed tomatoes
1 can of corn
2 Humongous (IDAHO) Potatoes - not Wada, Sorry Steve
4 carrots - that was all I had left
1 onion
3 cloves of Garlic

I would have put more carrots in if I had more, I also would have added 4 or 5 stalks of Celery (leaves included), But I didn't have any. I chopped everything up minus the stew meat, it was already chopped, and tossed it all into the crock pot. added a little salt and pepper, put it on low, and went to bed. I don't always use stew meat when I make this. Sometimes when I'm cleaning out the freezer and I find a mystery steak that is looking a little freezer burned, I think... Hmm. Im not going to be grilling this frozen piece of Tundra up. Thats when you have to think of beef stew, cause something like that will work nicely in beef stew. Oh yeah, don't add any water to this, you get plenty of juices from those cans.

After eating two giant bowls I loaded a zip lock and off to the freezer it went. This stuff tastes as good if not better after being thawed. Enjoy! Oh and if you see some guy snipping a few sprigs of herb from your front walkway, don't worry about him, I'm sure he's harmless. Besides who plants herbs next to their front door anyways?


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