The food blog has gone through a dry spell lately so here is a quickie. Bec and I made this cake for the 4th of July. Thats in two days from now, we are eating it early, because its too good to wait. Plus our regular 4th of July traditions include frozen Custard with fresh Strawberries and Bananas. So check back soon to see that Recipe! This was Bec's idea so I have to give credit to her, plus she did most of the work. She got the recipe from my mom in an email, in response to some kind of recipe spam mail that Bec apparently spammed out to everybody in her address book. Thanks for the recipe mom, its delish!

I'm not sure what its called so I'm calling it Super Yummy Flag cake

1. Bake a white cake from scratch, or from a box, thats what I did.

2. After it cools, poke holes all over with a wooden spoon. I used a tooth pick and poked as many as possible.
3. Make Jello - per instructions on box. We used Raspberry. Pour Hot Jello all over cake.
4. Let cake cool in refrigerator overnight or for as long as you think you can wait. ( its hard to wait for some things)
5. Cover with Whipped cream, and have your wife decorate with Blueberries and Strawberries, or whatever sounds good to you.


ahhh. How fun! You guys are always so festive! I just wish you lived here in Utah so we could party together on the 4th! If I end up making anything interesting for a fourth of July party...I will try and post it. I'm not sure if any cooking is in the works yet though, so you will just have to wait and see. But...I can't wait to try out my new camera!

July 3, 2008 at 12:08 AM  

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